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MegaBob ·

Short(ened) rubber straps?!

As someone who has a below average sized left wrist I have a hard time finding decent but reasonably priced rubber straps that I can use without buckl...
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Velomax ·

Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the most Crunchy exclusive watch of all?

A super expensive watch is limited to those who can afford it, but there are a surprising number of billionaires. A limited edition limits the number...
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chronotriggered ·

To restore or not to restore - where is the line and where do you cross it?

So... partly inspired by a (far too clean and shiny cased, very worn dialled) Majex I saw the other week in a shop window (with a stray 1 in the hundr...
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orforddesign ·

This was the first watch I ever designed.

So i was going through some old files and found this, i thought it was interesting enough to post, it is from 2011. I'm a jeweller/goldsmith by trade...
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Namtheman ·

My New custom 52 mas kinda homage project

Parts finally came in, it seems like dials are the longest wait parts wise, however I haven’t ordered a movement yet. I like the 52 mad style case and...
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coaxial_thamuel ·

What would your career's "tool watch" look like?

You do important things every day and contribute your part to society, but let's be honest, you're not an astronaut. More than likely you're not a sat...
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Unruhkloben ·

Custom engraving = less resell value?

I need some advice from the grey-market experts! This is my first luxury watch and I'm deeply in love with it. It's maybe also important to state that...
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orforddesign ·

My first attempt a custom watch a few years ago.

I've always wanted to design my own watches, this was my first attempt, a sterling silver minimalist watch inspired by WW1 trench watches. It's nowher...
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Inster ·

Custom Seiko 5

Absolutely adore my new custom made Seiko 5. Movement is the NH36A with hand winding and hacking option. Love the fact that it clearly is a Seiko but...
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street.credor ·

New Mod ready for summer! Strap suggestions?

My first bright-colored watch, and I'm really enjoying it so far! The dial has a very metallic finish that shines quite a bit in the light. Looking fo...
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