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A Watch for Dad’s Retirement

Seeking input. My father has worked hard all his life. Recently he has (finally) been talking about retirement. We were talking about watches and he m...

Which to Choose?

I have a birthday and anniversary coming within a few of each other in a few months, the wife has decided to cover a majority of whichever one of my c...

Today is my wife’s birthday!

Naturally I needed to buy her a gift on this special leap day birthday. She doesn’t wear watches much. She had an Apple Watch for a while and then sto...

Dive Level Water Resistance - Ideas for a Gift

My SIL works in an office and wears an old Burberry watch that he got during college. It is NOT waterproof and my hubby swapped out the movement when...

Why do you gift a watch?

I recently gifted this Braun watch to a good friend of mine. He was kind enough to assist me in some important matter, and also saw his wrist naked. He said he inherited his father´s Rolex, but it had...
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Watch of the day | Titan 1494SCB

The only gift 🎁 I have in my watch collection 😃

Mission to Mercury: The Story.

This watch has a story like no other. I was gifted this watch by a neighbour of mine on new years. A simple compliment about the watch and he just too...
Wearing the Spinnaker Dolphin Project watch that my wife got me foe Valentines Day.

Can you create sentimental value?

I see a lot of posts where people mark a special occasion by buying themselves a watch, maybe splashing out more than they normally would. I have no i...
One of my first automatic watches. Received as a gift and loved it as a novice watch enthusiast. More recently, I became obsessed with watches on a di...