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7.56” / 19.20 cm Wrist
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Second to none.

Wearing my Second Hour limited Shoal Deep diver. This was the very rare orange dial. Love the BOR bracelet on this thing!

Shoot out to H town.

Wearing my Canopy Wake One on NATO. Love it!!

Bout Hydrotime I wear this watch!

Finally wearing my Jack Mason hydrotimer on orange strap. Love JM‘s bracelets as well. They are the best but getting hot in Dallas so I like the rubbe...

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commented on JM Meet Up ·

I had a great time and my nephew loves his watch

commented on Your Thoughts On Jomashop? ·

No issues

commented on Cheers to the weekend! ·

Chivas Regal on the rocks !

commented on 5 Watch Collection Under $5000 (CrunchTrek) ·

I love it. JM is in your collection but for me, it would’ve been the HydrotinerGMT instead of the Baltic. I would have gone with an FC classic index for my dress watch. Love your channel Shane!!!

commented on What’s the perfect size watch collection? ·

Never enough or one and done. Both are correct. More important, love what you have and wear your collection in good health!

Live the good life my people!!!!!

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What a great NITE this morning

Wearing my new NITE Alpha diver today. And yes, it has tritium tubes.!

Longines Love!

New Longines center power reserve!

SWC Bunker

Wearing the Swiss Watch Company Bunker titanium on a NATO strap!

Vaer time

Where in my Vaer field watch today on a Swiss watch company strap.

Need some Ti time

Wearing my Swiss watch company titanium field watch on a blue shark NATO strap!

New strap for a Canopy

Wearing my Canopy WakeOne on a Blu Shark nato.