Yema have collaborated with musician Kavinsky to come up with a new LED watch! Obviously Yema brought back their LED reissue last year and that went down well! This watch will be on Kickstarter mid March and Yema are sending me a prototype! I can see this doing quite well!聽
what do you think of LED watches? Think they still have a place in a watch enthusiasts watch box?聽

LED Rocks!!馃馃徑馃馃徑聽


I love my LED watches and am looking to add a Yema this year or next year. I would also love to add a Hamilton, but that one is pretty expensive.

Love it, takes me back. So many memories of owning a watch like this.

I want that gold GRIFFY!!猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍


I want that gold GRIFFY!!猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍

I got it on Amazon for $35 and free shipping! 馃槉

Not a fan. Briefly had one in the late 70s. The only use case that seems persuasive is movie continuity. Spielberg have the lead in close encounters an led watch. No continuity issues between takes!

Not for me, but I can appreciate the design. 聽Funky!


Sorry mate but I will he confident it鈥檚 not led. It will be some back lit setup.

i have loads of 70s leds and they are remarkable but any modern interpretation is weak by comparison. Even the Bulova driver watch remake was not led like the original.

like LED then I suggest finding a working 70s example and you will be pleased.

With my daughter pressing the buttons so I can take the photo!聽


No led watches in my collection yet. They aren't my favourite style but I don't rule them out completely if the right one comes along.

I'd be interested in your opinion on the quality of the Yema when you get it, as QC issues and reports of poor customer service have put me off them so far.

That鈥檚 very marmite indeed. Either love it or burn it with fire! 馃槈馃ぃ聽

Love them. As a kid I had a Star Wars one this was late 70鈥檚. Wish I still had it聽

Any other good ones sold today. This kickstarter seems alright聽

LED watches pretty cool. Currently own none but definitely see myself picking one up at some point.聽