Vintage seiko recommendations?

I'm in the market for a vintage seiko, with a restricted budget I was aiming at some dress or sports pick. Quartz is fine, maybe even desired.


I saw this reference online and I fell in love. I really like these squared design from seiko. I'd love to ear your opinions and favorite pices/designs form the past!

Thank you

Gotta love old Seiko divers. Quartz or auto.


There were 3 vintage Seiko I was looking for in the past - 62MAS, 6139 Pogue and 6138 Panda. Except for the Panda, I didn鈥檛 have much success with the other 2. Came across many examples with aftermarket parts, relumed hands, re painted dials etc. the really honest ones were far too expensive. So I have given up. If you are not looking for any popular models, I suppose your search will be much easier. Good luck!

I have a 1978 Turtle 6309-7040 that I love. I don't think it's ever been serviced and it still runs well and because it's built like a tank I don't have to worry about babying it.