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wizard903 ·

What do you think is the most overused word/description among watch enthusiasts?

My nominee: ' iconic '.
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siddarthmehraajm ·

What watch is this?

Does anyone know what watch is this ????
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OscarKlosoff ·

What is the ugliest complication?

I think a moon phase may be the only complication that actually enhances the appearance of a watch. Even complications that I like, say day and date,...
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sbart61 ·

The one or the many

I have a 20 so watch collection i really enjoy the versatility Nothing luxury or even close the nicest i have $ wise is a 500 oceanus sometimes im lik...
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DancingWatch ·

In your collection, what is your favourite "crown" design?(Post pictures if you can)

Mine is from my Citizen Promaster Tough, didn't even know about the 3D+Blue nature of it until I messed about with a light while practicing macro phot...
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Cometman ·

Watch for kids?

Happy Thanksgiving for everyone in the States! But Happy Friday for all! Starting my holiday shopping, and I'm trying to get an analog watch for a 7 y...
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What are your thoughts on homage watches?

Do you own any? Did it scratch that itch while waiting for your grail? Or are you just not a fan of them at all? Its all subjective, but I’m curious t...
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Skyy12 ·

Chronograph Question

Do any brands make a chrono. with the main chrono hand moving on a 6o minute chapter ring of the main dial and the chrono subdial running the 60 secon...
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jorgen83 ·

[SOTC] What's next?

Here's my small collection right now. Where do I go from here? What would you advise me to look at next?
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OscarKlosoff ·

White Stripes in NATO Straps

I was looking at a certain merch store and I noticed that a lot of the striped NATO bands had prominent white stripes. In fact I have one such items f...
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