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Titanium watch recommendations ???

Hi! I was at the local watch dealer and tried on Certina DS Action in titanium and absolutely loved the light weight of this watch and I kinda dig the...

1973 releases

Hi guys, To celebrate a 50th anniversary, I am looking for a watch whose first release was in 1973. Not a Quartz but an automatic model. The only mode...

Christopherward customer service

So like with many of you here, over the past two years christopherward has started to become the darling of the community. Here, reddit and youtube is...

Which watch do you own that you never thought you would?

Heard this question on AFT, thought it could be a fun topic here. Be it a high end piece crafted of unobtainium by Swiss monks in the hidden temples o...

Thoughts on Lorus RL439AX9

Hi. I'm looking to buy my first automatic and I'm considering the Lorus RL439AX9. Anyone have any experience with this watch? Is it worth picking up?...

The long hall watch

I'm a day late but I wanted to post my new watch to my friends on WatchCrunch. I got my first call for my first Rolex, an Explorer 40. It was a hard c...

Calling G-Shock Experts

I've got a very specific question about my GW-M5610 with the 3159 module. Is there a way to swap the format to show the date first? I've wa...

Do you have a seasonal favorite

Trigger warning. The following post is a result of a morning filled with oversleeping, boredom at work, and a lack of caffeine. with that being said I...

The urge to purge

The last couple days I've been thinking about selling off several of the watches I have and simplify. I'm sure others have had this urge did you follo...

What is your job and how dose your watch help