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My Current Casios

I鈥檝e been collecting watches for a while now, and I鈥檝e recently been obsessed with Casio/G-Shock. I feel like Casio offers unmatched value for money,...

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commented on seriously WTF

I used to enjoy Nico鈥檚 videos, and his channel was one of the things that got me really deep into watch collecting. However, his content and personality become less and less appealing the more you watch his videos.

As for IFL, I think some of their watches are genuinely well designed and almost worth the money. This one, however, seems absurdly overpriced for what it is

commented on Magstime's WRUW

That is a beautiful watch. Longines has always been my favorite watch brand

commented on Joisaac's WRUW

I鈥檝e got a quartz Glycine GMT, too! Such a great watch

commented on flatstanley1231's WRUW

The Longines Spirit has got to be one of my favorite watches of all time, that dial is gorgeous

commented on KaylicoSoup's WRUW

Yours looks great on that silicone strap, I love the orange stitching

commented on shukhamid's WRUW

This might just be one of my favorite timex models, that dial is really nice

commented on AshKetchup's WRUW

I love the way the lume is applied to those indices and to the bezel. That鈥檚 a great looking watch!