Sunday, vintage day

Vertex M36 Prototype + Original D-Day Dirty Dozen

Bit of a special one this. I visited Vertex in London this week after a work trip. Met Hugo, a super friendly chap in store who let me try on the new...

New Vertex M36 Announced - Thoughts on Dial?

I love dirty dozen watches. Vertex being one of the original dozen, make some amazing watches so I was really looking forward to the 36mm version. The...
Vintage Vertex at breakfast.
Yesterday I posted the first of recent ebay joblot of watchheads, the bieri. But the reason I bought the lot was really this vertex
first watch. Does it fit her wrist? Hoping to pick up a vertex for myself soon. This was an accidentally ebay purchase which was way too small. Put to...

Dirty Dozens championship Round 1 | Day 2 Cyma vs Vertex 馃獤

Hello 馃 Soldiers. After the day 1 of war #omega beat Record very convincingly with 87% of the votes. Day 2 #cyma vs #vertex Cyma Stainless steel case, Size 37 mm, Celiber 234, Sword style hands. Tota...
316 votes

Dirty Dozens Championship Round 1 Day 3 馃獤 IWC vs Eterna !!

Hello 馃 Soldiers. Welcome back 馃 Day 1 #omega beat Record by 85% Day 2 #vertex beat CYMA by 78% Day 3 #iwc vs #eterna IWC Stainless steel case, Size 35 mm, Pencil style hands and total number of pro...
251 votes

Dirty Dozens championship Round 1| day 6 馃獤 Grana vs Timor 馃獤 last of round 1.

Hello 馃 Soldiers happy weekend 馃榿 Day 1 #omega beat Record by 85% Day 2 #vertex beat CYMA by 78% Day 3 #iwc beat Eterna by 74% Day 4 #lemania beat Buren by 71% Day 5 #jlc beat Longines by 59% Day 6 #...
111 votes