New watch day

  1. Just picked up a new to me SPB187, kind of by accident. I was looking for an SKX for nostalgia reasons and this happened to pop up (purchased a 009 as well 馃槀). Ironically I had just seen a Seiko mod version of a watch similar to this and thought it looked really cool but I鈥檓 not super into mods. Overall I really love the color of the dial and overall design, the bracelet was a little heavy and the clasp was a little janky (which the seller didn鈥檛 mention of course). However, I was already planning on probably ordering a MM 300 clasp which has a much better ratcheting extension so that鈥檚 what I鈥檓 waiting for. Until that arrives I threw it on a NATO strap I had laying around. Not sure it will be a keeper, I still want to experience it on the bracelet with a clasp that works but it is a great piece.聽


i think you should go for it 馃槏馃槏


i think you should go for it 馃槏馃槏

I think I just haven鈥檛 bonded with it yet because of the original clasp and the fact that the seller didn鈥檛 mention it馃が. I bet once it鈥檚 on the bracelet with a good clasp it will be a different story. It鈥檚 just a little too top heavy for a NATO.聽

The pop of red on the second hand looks awesome and you can't wrong with a #seiko diver on a NATO strap!

I have a SKX, but dayum this one looks fire too!聽
I had mine also on a Nato, but quickly changed it back to the bracelet.聽
Just works better for me;)

Noice piece. I think you鈥檒l bond with it and wear it often. It fits you well.聽

Beautiful Congratulations!