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The watch that started it all. My SKX

The watch that started it all for me. A handful of years ago I started my watch collecting journey, I remember sitting in the woods hunting reading ab...

Seiko Starfish Monster

My first Seiko on my collection! Loving this Starfish Monster ♥️ Planning to buy a Padi this christmas because of this watch 😁 Question tho. Is this...

On their own

Some watches just look so good on their own. Stop it!

First proper snow…

Probably the wrong choice for today. Hope I don’t lose it in the snow. Seiko King Samurai SRPE37 on a Strapcode Hexad bracelet.

Let’s see some green dial watch🐢🐸🤢☘️🦚🪀

Hello fellow crunchers, feel free to share your green dial watches. Nothing to do tonight just took a photoshoot with my seiko sbdc 049 62mas first re...

New Seiko SJE097, SJE099 & SJE101 "Marinemaster"

RANT INCOMING: I'm a massive fan of Seiko dive watches and their legendary models such as the 62MAS, Marinemaster, Willard, Turtle, SKX, etc. But I fo...

I'm a Seiko fan... and I own no Seiko

I've had a bit of a sell-off during the past couple of weeks. Some vintage watches I've never regarded as part of my actual collection (as I never wor...

How do you know when to sell a watch?

I know, the title of this post seems dumb. I just wanted to get your opinion/ thoughts on the topic of selling a watch as I have never done it before....

Seiko SPB299J1

SPB299J1: I’ve been measuring the accuracy of it’s Seiko’s 6R35 movement. Over a period of 2 days, it has gone faster by 35 seconds. Question: Is this...

Most iconic watches of all-time by Gear Patrol.

I currently have these from each category. (Not implying that ones I have is best in their respective categories) Dress: Cartier Tank Field: Rolex Exp...