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7.28” / 18.50 cm Wrist
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Single or double pass

In past 12 months I have tried NATO straps at least 5 times, but they always feel too builky ( and I consider Casio ProTrek PRW-61-1-AER with 47,4 lug to lug and 14.7mm thick watch comfortable and in...
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How to clean vintage watch with no WR?

Hi all! Today I received this beauty - Seiko C515-5009 from 1978. It is used, and at some places it screams for cleaning, but there is an issue: Origi...

NWA🚨 Wife said - You can have one more, AND IT's a CALCULATOR!

I already have HUGE 4 watch collection (my boys and wife always say - Dzintars have too much watches, I might be ill 😬). But then something happened,...

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commented on Anyone else fearing this may happen? ·

Someone should come up with clinic terminology of this new fear!

commented on Anyone else fearing this may happen? ·

I am willing to pay that 😉

commented on Anyone else fearing this may happen? ·

In testament include that watches should be donated to some kind of museum or tell the actual price of them (she can't hurt you anymore).

commented on Dzincca's WRUW ·

Good thing, it's smaller than that 🚀 too 🙂

commented on Dzincca's WRUW ·

Well, there are more, Casio standart - alarm, world time, count down timer , Chrono, 10ATM WR. And Casio no-standart function - price of at least 4 CasiOak or Square G-Shock's 😅

commented on Dzincca's WRUW ·

Yes, Love it, and it have all the smart functions I need ( 🌡️, 🧭 altitude and barometer readings), it's solar powered and biorezin strap is great.

commented on Do you have a Solar watch? If you do, which one? If not, why? ·

Great koncept for the movement, and works excellent on my Casio ProTrek and G-Shock square. Not so great on Festina with cheap Citizen movement ( have stopped working 3 times in 18 month time I have it ) I keep it in the same place I keep the Casio's. But that's might be the issue with Festina diale implementation not the fault of Citizen movement.

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My firs G-Shock GW-M5610-1ER on it's way

Hi Crunchers! Just bought my first G-Shock, now I'm waiting for it to be shipped. I wanted one for long time, but 3 years ago bought Casio Protrek PRW...

Watch of 1990, what to consider?

I turned 34 last week, and friend gifted me an 34 year old Armagnac (be careful with alcohol consumption). And this got me thinking, what is the watch...

Tissot Sideral vs Ball Fireman Racer

I am thinking about getting my first auto watch sine last spring when Tissot Sideral came out. In September came across the BALL BALL FIREMAN RACER. I want to hear what Crunchers think, should I get t...
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Lego clock with a lot of complications

It might not be something new for WC, but this morning YouTube suggested the great post (making a billion year Lego clock by Brick Technology). Clock...


Two years ago I found out about solar powered watces and got instantly into them. I still have Citizen calculator witch I got in 1999, it charges with...