Watch of 1990, what to consider?

I turned 34 last week, and friend gifted me an 34 year old Armagnac (be careful with alcohol consumption). And this got me thinking, what is the watch of 1990 to get for my 35th? At price point between 400 and 2000 eur, Chrono give a lot to choose from (Omega, Breitling, Cartier tank, and even Grand Seiko). Is it better to go with quartz Omega seamaster


Or Breitling, Seiko or other automatic versions?


How (relatively easy) is to service 1990 movements? What to avoid to get out of Huge trouble?

Minimum spec, I think should be - strap change (no integrated bracelets) and 5, better 10 ATM water resistant.

I have been asking myself a lot of the same questions, but looking for a watch from 1999 for the big 25! So looking forward to some answers/tips as well.

And congrats, that a cool looking bottle

It really depends on if you have a good watchmaker. I wouldn't hesitate buying watches from the 90s and earlier (my birth-year Certina is from 1971 and I've got pieces dating back to the 1920s), but my watchmaker is excellent. Stick with common movements from ETA, Miyota or Seiko and the repair/service costs should be reasonable.

And get anything from 35 years ago tested before trusting the water resistance rating.

Get an automatic, says I. Happy birthday!馃巶