Introduction and SOTC

Hello All, just joined and am hoping to have some fun discussing and discovering new watches. I've been collecting for a year and a bit now, and while I've slowed down I've also started to move more upmarket since I've better plumbed my interests and tastes.

So off to the current line-up. First of all my dailies. The five watches I usually wear out and to work:


From left to right:

Laco Aachen 39 on Laco bracelet - A birthday present from my wife. This one has kind of pushed me in the direction of German and/or pilot watches. Much of my new-watch interest is in one or both of those categories.

Serica 4512 WMB on Uncle Seiko bracelet - Probably my most worn watch. It really is exquisite for the price. I like it very, very much.

Junghans Max Bill Anthracite 38 on Strapsco strap - My most recent purchase. The Bauhaus design fits my predilection for mid-century style and it ticks the German box.

Tissot Gentleman PM80 Silicium - I actually got this watch by accident (long story). I wouldn't have picked it myself. I would have been wrong. It's an amazing watch.

Melbourne Watch Company Chelsea on Artem sailcloth strap - I'm not a big dive-watch fan but I do like sapphire bezels so when this went on sale I picked it up. It hasn't exactly changed my mind on divers, but it hasn't turned me off of them. I wear it a lot and will be getting a skin-diver style watch at some point in the future.

Now the digital and overflow box:


Top to bottom, left to right:

Swatch XX-Rated - Another gift from my wife. Back in my misspent hardcore-kid youth the original X-Rated was considered fairly radical. Nice to have the remake.

Casio AE1200 "Royale" on a Zulu - Fun and light. Easy to time stuff. I wear this when I cook.

Casio G-Shock DW5600 on a Zulu - Apparently you have to have a G. I do. It's a digital watch. I don't fear wearing it when I have to work on the factory floor so it's nice to have around for those rare occasions.

Merkur Pierre Paulin Retro 70s on an Etsy sailcloth strap - I needed to know if I like chronographs. Um... meh? I like it and I wear it occasionally, but it hasn't stoked a deep longing in me for another. If I bought it again I'd get another color. The green is pretty but hard to match with a strap. Best looking movement I have (with a clear caseback at least).

Vostok Amphibia 420 - It's not a great watch. However, it is cheap to learn how to mod on. Have replaced the bezel, hands and dial so far without making it worse than it was to begin with.

Armitron Griffy - Was like $30 for that early 80s LED vibe. Fun!

Casio AQ230 - Cheap way to see if I like tank-shaped watches. I don't dislike the way it wears so there may well be another coming some day.

Finally, the vintage box:


OK, T2B, L2R again:

Rolex Datejust 16013 (1987) - My father's watch. Inheriting it started my interest in watches. Usually stays in the fire safe but I always wear it to nice dinners and family events. 

Old England Motor Wrist (Late 60s-early70s?) - Another fun piece. I wear this to work when we have team events and such.

Certina Argonaut 280 manual on Edel Leather strap (1971) - I adore this watch. So light and thin and comfortable. Definitely going to have more vintage Certinas.

Citizen Leopard Superbeat8 (1974) - Since Citizen was my first watch (see below) I always keep an eye on vintage ones. Snagged this for a song from Japan. Absolutely stunning diamond dust dial and a nearly 50 year old 28800 movement that runs amazingly well. Looking for a good strap for it. Might as well get another Edel.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual "Bombay" 6590 on Edel Leather ostrich-leg strap (1957) - My grandfather's watch. Another safe-queen I wear only if I'm in a suit. A bit small for me (and I like small watches) but solid 14k gold, wonderfully patina'd dial and lugs to die for.

An Timex - Not sure of the provenance. Cracked crystal. Still runs well. The milanese bracelet is more vintage and more real gold.

Seiko Quartz (1977) - Pretty dial. Still runs. I think it was my grandfather's.

Citizen Quartz (1987) - The first watch I picked out for myself. Runs intermittently.

So there you have it. Will definitely be adding a Longines Spirit this year. And probably a type-A flieger from a German brand (leaning towards Muhle or Union of the Glashuttes). Always on the lookout for a good vintage Certina or Citizen as well (and maybe a Citizen NB-1060 if they come back in stock anywhere).


Welcome to WC!

Very nice collection! You got it pretty well covered!



Welcome to WC. That OP looks particularly intriguing.