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My new acquisition (Furlanmarri)

I am so excited and happy with my recent purchase. This watch is amazing in finishing and quality of made in this price range. I love the look of this...

Zeppelin Aviation

A precise, affordable, aviation watch with a robust Miyota 8 series movement.聽

Lovely Flighty on a Holben鈥檚 waterproof pilot leather strap

I have waited for this strap for long and it just came in today. I have always been looking for some leather strap for my flighty and this one is the...

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commented on Zeppelin Sunday


commented on Ocelot77's WRUW

Off, this is hoooottt. 馃敟馃敟馃敟

I have been thinking of getting one of half metal versions of those. So lovely馃グ

commented on A new strap always makes a new watch

Thanks a lot mate. I never get enough of Squale Watches馃槈

commented on RayMaz's WRUW

Its an on spot combination.馃憤

I have one of this Amphibia, too. Its beautiful.

is this a 18mm log width?! And do you mind if I ask you where did you buy your milanese bracelet?!

commented on My Squale Montauk on a Squale Millanase bracelet

Thank you. I love Montauk. It is perfect for the value for money you pay. The case is sub 39 case which is vintage and comfortable on wrist. The movement is good and usually Mark would regulate them even more, so you expect a healthy accurate result, however the Lum is the weakness. Generally the main complain about first series of Squale is Lum,it includes my 1521 Azzuro, and Montauk I can say is even worst than my 1521.聽
The new sand dials are very hot, specially the green and grey and I hope the lum is improved, as I saw Squale booth in WATCHPRO London last weekend, most of their models are already good in case of Lum.聽
At the end Squale and Montauk model are lovely watches and I enjoy them a lot. I even order a bracelet for my Montauk and I am waiting for it to arrive. As you can see here I matched my 1521 bracelet, but Mark released a new curved-end bracelet which suits it more馃グ

commented on My new acquisition (Furlanmarri)

Thank you馃槉

commented on My new acquisition (Furlanmarri)

I have been waiting for long expecting this would be limited again, but good thing is that they said its permanent collection. To be honest, I was one of the first ones馃槵


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Strapoholic SKX

New day, new strap馃槃

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My very old friend

I love Citizen as a good and innovative brand and among all the Citizens I had, this one is something else. When Daytona and Daytona homages were not...

A new strap always makes a new watch

I am amazed with the new look that this black waterproof leather strap from Condor, gave to my watch. I am still in honeymoon with my Squale Montauk.

Special treatment for my beauty

I treated my Squale with a new Condor sude textured leather strap for a more vintage look. I am amazed with the versatility of this watch.聽

I treated my beauty a new strap

My lovely Squale 1521 Azure on a new vegan 聽leather corky look strap by Condor. It gives that beautiful ocean blue color of Squale a sandy sea shore....