New Night Time Watch

I have switched the watch I wear at night to this Armitron Digital Sport Alarm Chrono, and that backlight is the primary reason, followed closely by the ultra soft and comfortable silicon strap. The backlight is perfect for those times I wake and just want to know the time, easily bright enough to see without being blinding. My GWM5610 is not bad, but it is brighter than this one. The backlight on my Casioak feels like a spotlight, so I won't be wearing it to bed again. 馃ぃ My Iron Man has a backlight similar to this, but the strap on that one is not nearly as comfortable as the strap on this Armitron, and not even as comfortable as the average Casio resin strap. The strap on this Armitron feels like it is the same material as the strap on my Seiko Arnie. Not bad for a $16 watch. 馃榿