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DariusII ·

What is Your Favorite Unlikely Watch Brand?

What‘s a watch supposed to do? Tell time, right? But sweep aside the obvious and delve into your senses to reveal what a watch really does for you. ht...
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DariusII ·

Do You Wear a Watch While Sleeping?

It seems like day one, time has been my task master. Early on, from anxiously waiting everyday to admire Judith Wright’s angelic face in second grade,...
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Candide3693 ·

New Arrivals for Vintage Digital Collection

Here are a couple of new additions to my digital collection; an Armitron and a Sanyo, both from the late '70s. I am going to have to post an updated S...
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Lemm77 ·

my current favorites

Vintage Yema 40m, Orient ray II, Armitron Griffy and a Captain Willard hommage.
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DariusII ·

Show us your Most Colorful Watch that Makes you Indescribably Joyful

Orange: a color that when asked to describe, is answered as bright, happy and joyful. After all, how does someone define the warm and vibrant glow fro...
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Rynofishing ·

Best New Release For Armitron!

Reissue of the original Armitron LCD watch but with an updated movement. Its better built than the original with full 316L stainless steel case and br...
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DariusII ·

Show Us Your Guilty Pleasure Watch/Watch Brand...

I had a teenage friend whose house my buddies and I would camp at during the lazy days of Summer and during cold winter weekends. We thought his paren...
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Lemm77 ·

Armitron Griffy

New toy in the collection: the Armitron Griffy silver/blue.
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DariusII ·

Armitron Rubik

Armitron, in its current incarnation, was founded in 1975 by philanthropist and Holocaust survivor, Eugen Gluck, and is headquartered in Little Neck,...
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DariusII ·

Do You Like Negative Displays?

Maybe it's just my old eyes these days, but I have a hard time reading negative displays. Two of my pictured G-Shocks are Juggernaut Earth Pounding Be...
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