Redeemed a botched mod

Earlier this year I had a failure trying to mod a Vostok komandirskie. today I have finally redeemed that failure. I had a Modern automatic komandirskie that was no longer working . So I decided to use it for donor parts. Mainly the hands. First off I was not able to get the seconds hand attached. Damn thing kept popping off. So eventually I said screw it. Then I had trouble trying to get the movement back in. There was what looked like two holes where screws go to hold down the movement. After loosing two screws trying to get it in . I did some research on yt. The videos I found showed the movement going in with any screwing. So I just did it without. Plus I had a hell of a time getting the crown in lol.

But after all that, I present my beat up, who knows how long it will work, two hand komandirskie flieger. It didn’t turn out how I wanted, but it’ll do.

TL;DR Finally redeemed my botched Vostok mod


 "Good save Cobra Chicken"🥳


Oh you people taunting me with those plain bezels. I'm resisting the urge to go two-tone on my 819 case.

I recall it took me a few attempts to get the crown back in after I deleted the red star off my 121 dial but it was worth it.


I real nice strap with that be good as new.👍