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Cardi Vostok Chronoscope Racingtime GP

Yet another strange mouthful arrived from the house of Cardi Vostok via Ukraine. The Cardi collaboration was branch of the Vostok family tree that wit...
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2 minute video "Case processing for watches Vostok, Chistopol"

We don't need no stinking Occupational Health and Safety around chemicals. Maybe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS792CSQykE Looks almost like it was...
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Pronunciaton of some Russian watch names

This YT presenter is a bit longwinded but seems to know his stuff: Poljot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv5aLNNXUgI Komandirskie and Sturmanskie htt...
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Mister_T commented on Show us your Vintage Digitals! ·

Threads come and go.


Phones shrank and watches grew bigger.

I wrote a quasi review of my Seiko Sports150/M422 here .

Mister_T commented on First Watch and First Inspiration ·

Love the sublte waves on the Omega dial. If there was a mod dial like that for my blue #duro I would be right on it.

Mister_T commented on Other brands that use Plexiglas? ·

Vostok still use plenty of lucite crystals.

Mister_T commented on New Citizen ·

Oh yes indeedy.

The are sellers that mention that the watch has had a new case, crystal, hands and dial, but not all will. These watches are usually touted as "refurbished" but I have seen some that are allegedly "new" or "used". There is a whole industry hidden behind these watches.

Just for kicks, when you are in eBay do a search on "vintage citizen 8200 automatic". I get 6200+ hits. There are other brands that get the Indian "refurbished" treatment such as Seiko. While neither the favoured Seiko or Citzen movements hack, the Citizen 8200 will hand wind so for me is more useful in a watch that I might not wear every day.

Whether the movement inside is truly the only genuine Citizen part left is also open to debate. Think about the economics. Where do you find 6000+ watches (of just one brand) to "refurbish", then do whatever and ship them around the world for the price they charge. I have a suspicion the movements may be chinese clones.

Whatever, it is a pretty watch that in my case keeps time pretty well and cost about the same as a packet of cigarettes, and that is cheap entertainment.

Mister_T commented on The Superb CASIO W-217H-1AVCF ·

I have the -9AVDF (black/gold). I like the large digits as well.

Mister_T commented on My first watch ·

Yes, nice balance.

Mister_T commented on Too much... ·

A nice summery colour, just in time for the coming northern hemisphere spring/summer.

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Seiko M422-501A redemption is at hand

Just aquired a M422 at a nice price to help restore the unit I broke about 30 years ago and have held onto "just in case". This model is such a throwb...
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Cardi Vostok Chronoscope MVM Sport

Yeah, that name just rolls off the tongue. All the way from Ukraine comes this odd branch of the Vostok family tree, a part of the family that does no...
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New Toy

As sung by Lene Lovich way back in 1981: "I get a new toy (oh ay oh), to keep my head expanding (ta). I get a new toy (oh ay oh), nothing too demandin...
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Resin Redirect

It seems to me that many watches with 18mm lugs could benefit from a bit of extra strap width from flared and notched straps, but the aftermarket does...
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Komandirskie 819121

This Komi is a mil/field watch in parade dress, so it needed a spiffy band to match the mil-bling. When I saw this particular strap I had to have it....
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