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Luch watch factory tour

https://youtu.be/18uqvi3G-5s 22 minute video. You learn something new every day. I thought Luch had gone the way of Vimpel, but Belorussian watchmakin...

When limited means limited

Saw these 1967's in 908 ref bronze cases in a YT video. From what I can gather from the subtitles, 20 were intially made then another 5. They sold out...

Vostok has caught the special edition bug

...Or at least one of their online retailers has. https://vostok.watch has a range of interesting special editions to offer on a website I have not se...

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commented on Vostok ebay question ·

Have purchased one from scubadudestore, no problem. Usually has a good range.

commented on NWA!!! Tis a humble piece ·

Missing lume is something that could be said about many Vostoks.

commented on NWA!!! Tis a humble piece ·

Some of the best value vintage watches you can still buy new. Not hard to regulate if required and worth the expense if you can't do it yourself.

commented on This watch in ONE word ? ·


commented on Raymond's WRUW ·

The plain bezel looks interesting. I have been thinking about one of those for my 710059.

commented on titaniumshell's WRUW ·

Now that I understand the history of the radio room dial, it is becoming more attractive to me.

commented on Pobeda movement ·

My understanding of your date stamp is 4th quarter of 1953. I have a 2nd quarter.


My timegraph is not as impressive:


Not quite a snowstorm, more like driving rain.

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Vostok 650539: the Economy class ticket to ride the GMT bandwagon

The release of GMT movements by the Japanese big two makers has pulled GMT's out of a niche and thrust them into mainstream awareness. Vostok has had...

Resin Redirect Part 2

Do you like your SNK809 but somehow it is not "divey" enough? Problem solved. Fit the resin strap from a Casio MRW-200H. It also makes the SNK look sm...

20 minutes of Raketa watch factory tour

It is a 40 minute video, skip the first 21 minutes to get to the tour. Video is in Russian but you can turn on Subtitles and go into Settings to turn...

Detailed 37 minute video of Vostok watch construction

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhW9ZER5eQs&t=210s Uploaded to YT last year, has Russian narration and English subtitles. Vostok's in-house manufa...

Space Forces Komandirskie

This recent purchase from Ukraine is my first space themed watch. It aint no Bulova Lunar Pilot, that's for sure. I saw it in an auction and half-hear...

Is this an example of the "Chinese standard movement"?

Having looked at a wiki page on the Chinese Standard or unified movement, I suspect it is. For me the meat cleaver shaped main bridge is the big clue....