My recent AD visit

Hi all, Just like to share the recent visit to my local AD

TL;DR | I didn't purchase anything :P

Background | The AD is a watch retailer with branches in the area where I currently live. I had purchased some watches from them before but from different branches.

Last Friday afternoon, I was quite free and thought about checking out watches and following up on my Rolex inquiry that I had put a year ago (Sub date and GMT Master II)

And one of my watches, Zenith Defy 21 El Primero leather straps had a little issue, So I texted the SA at the AD and asked if he could help. He asked me to drop by and he will get it sorted.

Fast forward to AD, I was greeted by the SA whom I made an appointment, and chit-chatted a little since we have not met since November 2020 when I last purchased the Zenith from him.

*I had Seamaster 300m on my wrist that day

He took care and started documenting the details of the watch in the services sheet.

When it was done, He asked me if I have acquired any new watches after the last purchase and if there is anything that I like to check out in particular. So I did a walk around in the AD where IWC and Zenith are. There were few pieces that I wanted to try, (but no intention to buy) just to see how it feels on the wrist.


I asked for

  • IWC - Portugieser 7 days panda dial

  • Zenith Chronomaster Sport white dial

  • Zenith Defy Extreme


Zenith Chronomaster Sport white dial | First time trying this on my wrist, it felt compact and solid. Zenith has all the right to do this design! The white dial is just so beautiful.


Next, Zenith Defy Extreme | It's basically my Defy 21 on steroids, 45mm


IWC - Portugieser 7 days panda dial | I have been eyeing the 7 days silver dial with blue hands for some time, and at some point, I wanted to pull the trigger when a good deal was offered but something stopped me. Now it's the new gorgeous white panda blue dial that just announced Aug 2022. It will be added to my wish list again!

and the SA asked if there is anything else, I'd like to check out.

That's when the Rolex conversation started. I asked him to check if I am still on the interest list for Sub and GMT.

He checked and apparently I'm still on the list but you know, the standard response about the Rolex supply and demand bla bla bla.

and he said, perhaps lets go to the Rolex room, There's something I want to show you.


So he came with Datejust 41 jubilee 2 tone, and this piece is available for me to grab if I want, I tried them on (first time trying Datejust tho) it felt solid and soft on the hand but the color combo wasn't what I would want, I told him that I'd be interested in the full steel version.


the second one is the Explorer 2 black dial, This watch was never on my radar but this is a damn good-looking watch, too bad he didn't have the polar white dial, the 42mm sits just nice on my wrist. This watch is so humble, calm, and not shouting Rolex. I told the SA to put this on my list as well.


Last is the Batgirl, which I have tried several times. and yes, the same script about how long to wait for this watch but I still put my first priority on it. this was just to feel the difference between GMT 40mm and Explorer II 42mm


After some conversation about watches and stuff, I had shown him a picture of my current collection, and our conversation went on for about half an hour more, Shared with him the story of each piece. I told him that my current collection doesn't have an "R" in it yet. He was laughing and said he will try his best. (At least, I proved to him that I am a watch enthusiast and definitely not a flipper)

In the end, the SA asked if I had any business cards with me today so that he could update my profile in the AD system. (I think it was weird, but I thought perhaps that might increase the chances of getting a call to pick up something??? I might be wrong :P)

Tomorrow I'll be going in to the AD again to pick up my Zenith, Let's see if there's any development from there.

Cheers guys, Thank you for reading my story



I think my favorite would be the Zenith Chronomaster Sport white dial. That watch is stylin' 馃槑

I suspect you will be upgraded on the list and called back earlier than you would have been before this lovely visit.

Well played 馃幆

So, how did the zenith pickup go? 馃檪


So, how did the zenith pickup go? 馃檪

Zenith Defy 21 straps was fixed in perfect condition!, Did a little follow up teasing with the SA.. I was told that I should get a call soon...


Zenith Defy 21 straps was fixed in perfect condition!, Did a little follow up teasing with the SA.. I was told that I should get a call soon...

Exciting! Let us know how the call went. 馃榿