Watchless = Timeless?

This is a watch forum so I try to have every post have a tie-in with a watch of some sort. Pharoah Sanders passed yesterday at 81. I wanted to note that because he was a giant. In order to justify a post I scoured the internet looking for a photograph of Sanders wearing a watch (like @roberto would). I eventually gave up. From his time with John Coltrane to his Pan-Africanism to his later mystic wise old man phases he never seems to have been photographed wearing a watch.

I don't know if he was anti-watch, indifferent to watches, or if my search was too limited. 聽However, I think that an artist like Sanders would not wanted to be as constrained by the measure of time as the rest of us might. Sanders never fit neatly into any category. He was more melodic than Ornette Coleman who wandered well past where the sidewalks ended. He was less structured than Sonny Rollins who had and has the gravitational pull of the largest object.

Here is a short film about him. This is one of my favorite tunes of his from his mid-1990's resurgence:聽

You don't need a watch to bend time.

Oooo So Spicy!! Thanks for that馃憤

RIP to his musical genius.聽

Amazing musician - RIP in Pharoah Sanders.

I had to dig into the internet to see if I could find anything showing him wearing a watch after the lead-in to this thread.

Here is a video of him playing live in 1968. It clearly looks like he has a wristwatch on his left wrist (see below). The dial has spun around and is almost under his wrist - like the way some European drivers wear it. I cannot make out the brand - maybe some else will be able to detect it.

Here's the link to the video:


Hadn鈥榯 heard the news yet. What a legend, may he rest in piece. My son was just talking about his collaborative album Promises with Floating Points the other day.聽