Considering a new Mr. Jones Tadaima

I missed out on this watch the first time they released it & I am considering picking it up this time around. Sitting on the fence.

I really like the design and colours. I used to draw cityscapes with little skyscrapers as a kid in primary school.

How to tell the time:

Hour shown in the building and minutes is the bird flying around the dial.

It's powered by an Automatic Seagull ST1721 with a jump hour. Not sure how this movement is in terms of reliability, any info is appreciated.

Mr. Jones watches are not for everyone but What do you think? I really like this one and already have their Perfectly Useless Afternoon

Any other MJW that you like?


I personally have the promise of happiness. It doesn't get too much wrist time but damn do I love it

Berry late, the ufo one, and the number cruncher have been on my list for a while. I think they鈥檙e too small for me, though.

Very cool, though legibility isn鈥檛 a strong suit. Another that I鈥檒l admire, but don鈥檛 require. Your mileage may vary. 馃槈

Wow. Never seen anything like it before. Will check out the others made by the brand too鈥 personally, I do need the watch to be functional; this would require too much thinking for me & to retrain my eye what to look for. But it鈥檚 quite distinct and very unusual.

They鈥檙e very fun! I鈥檝e met Crispin at the Seven Dials store and seen the dials made at their factory. Super chill fella, almost is annoyed at the fact that it鈥檚 watches that have taken off, he鈥檚 more into fine art apparently 馃槀

He did say he likes that it鈥檚 giving artists somewhere to be creative outside of beer labels and advertising!

Have king and queen of heart, unique way of presenting and reading time eventhough jump hour movement has been around for decades.

They never stop to amaze with creativity 馃憣馃敟

Go for it. If the size works for you and you like it, then they're great.

I have the Beam Me Up (quartz) but I find it a little small for my liking (37mm). I'm tempted to swap to the auto version because it's larger (40mm).


Looks cool and I've never seen this one before. I think it'll be very legible if the jump hour is clearly shown. The contrast looks a bit dark in the photo but try to see in real life if you're London based. Their store in seven dials is funky.

I have the ricochet, which I love, but is a bit hard to read given the minutes disc only has increments on 5. Doh.


That dial design is nice! Lovely colors. I don't own a Mr. Jones, but everyone I've seen here who has one seems to really enjoy it.

As an aside, Tadaima translates loosely to "I'm home!" in Japanese.

Godzilla eating city, or robots playing pinball, or Ferris wheel 馃帯 are all favorites . 鈥楳ost accurate鈥 also cool and clever. 馃憣

Re: Tadaima, the watch 馃槨

I say 鈥榯adaima鈥 every time I walk in the house after being out. My kid and wife are Japanese, so they do the same. Kid home from school, me home from work, we say 鈥tadaima!鈥

People at home answer 鈥渙kaeri nasai鈥 .

So this design doesn鈥檛 make sense to me: walking into my house after a tiring day = a bird flying over a city. It doesn鈥檛 really fit.

So there鈥檚 that. But (for me) it鈥檚 also bad for :

give it a Chinese movement and then call it a Japanese name? Dislike 馃憥 When I got the email, I was sure it would be a Miyota.

I don鈥檛 buy seagull based watches as it鈥檚 government owned and Chinese government is constantly doing evil 馃槧(Uighurs, oceans destroyed, Tibet, stealing US IP and hacking into US infrastructure鈥 etc etc)

BTW @aliveandticking - very cool you can just walk in and talk to these guys. If you pop in