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15th anniversary - matchy match

Took advantage of the show deals at Windup a couple of weeks ago and now my wife and I are rocking our matching CW Twelve (Ti) models. Here’s to the n...

JDM 80's cartoon-collab watch arrival day!

This watch was brought to my attention on this site some months ago. I took the risk of pre-ordering it from an ebay seller, and it arrived today, jus...

Ho hum…

Wife wants a mission to moonswatch. Can’t hurt to try, right? Forgot to come at opening but there’s still a line. Cross your fingers for me!

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commented on 15th anniversary - matchy match ·

Yeah it’s great. I came close to pulling the trigger on a purple one at last year’s show, and I’m now glad I didn’t. I really like this colour.

commented on 15th anniversary - matchy match ·

They paid duties. So a couple hundred bucks in my case. CW doesn’t ever do “real” discounts.

commented on 15th anniversary - matchy match ·

Thanks! Time flies…

commented on (Yet another) Fifty Phantoms ·

r/WatchExchange. There’s one there right now, in fact.

commented on (Yet another) Fifty Phantoms ·

All over now, but I see them come up regularly for sale on Reddit. Good luck!

commented on New Halios arrived ·

Hm dunno. Maybe email them?

commented on JDM 80's cartoon-collab watch arrival day! ·

1982, it says on the box. So this is a bit late coming even….

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(Yet another) Fifty Phantoms

I've seen a few of these posts go by already, but here's mine! Ordered last November and just arrived today. Pics of the fun box insert included, too!...

NWA! ☘️ St Patrick's Day Limited Edition Nomadic Maraí 401

Nomadic sent out an email about this limited edition and I said to myself, "self, that looks like a darned cool watch!" Since I'm currently funemploye...

NWA coming soon…

I had #4/33 in my cart yesterday but got sniped while adding straps. Didn’t make that mistake today, so #5/33 will be on its way to me soon. Exciting!

Valley Fair trip report 2/12/24

I was bored after lunch yesterday so I went and walked around Valley Fair. I didn't take too many pics, but the ones I did take I've attached. There a...

Don’t drop your watch

Oops. Landed right on its face, bezel insert popped off, and three tritium tubes are now free-floating inside there. I stuck the bezel back together (...

Now there’s a black one

New Oceanus! Link just got sent to my inbox. A friend of mine has a JDM model from one or two series back, and it’s pretty sweet. This one is very exp...