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I know, I know! It’s not a Doxa but this is as close as I will ever get to one

I’m in love again! Can’t wait to get a yellow strap on it.

Does anyone on here have a Citizen NY0120-52X?

If you have one I would like to know your thoughts on this one. What is it like to wind up? How it looks on the wrist. Is it comfortable. Last year I...

Calling all UK cruncher’s

Good evening Peeps. I apologise if this has been cover many times over but in my defence I did do a search for this in our wonderful forum and it came...

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commented on Someone kindly gifts you your dream watch but there’s a catch. ·

Agree to the terms, sell the “expensive dream watch” and start my watch journey all over again but now with more funds. Boom!

commented on Anyone know how many watch brands exist? ·

4,237 and counting as from an hour ago

commented on Azad0304's WRUW ·

Love the combo! Best colour ever!

commented on Wild Watch Wednesday! Let’s see your wild, weird, fun, funky and unique pieces ·

I love this and most of the watches here! Superb!!!

commented on Swatch it's going to release"someting" in June 2024. ·

I’m very interested but will admire whatever comes out from afar. As much as the snoopy moonswatch tickles my fancy, if I want a plastic watch I’ll just buy a swatch!

commented on Ali, not so "Express"? ·

This is the approach I take. I order, forget about it (thinking it should take 7-14days) then when it arrives within a week, I’m happy

commented on JonInAtl's WRUW ·

Superb Surgess! Wonderful colour

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Bruce Lee beauty

My lovely wife bought me a Bruce Lee 5 for my big 5-0. Love how the markers pop with the gold with the gold hands. I’m Very happy!