Atelier Wen "Hao"


Any sensible internet search will turn up the details of the watch. 
The co-founders directing this project were Robin Tallendier, and Wilfried Buiron.

Robin and I have known each other, face to face, since 2014, when we completely coincidentally turned up at the "same time, same place," the Beijing Watch Factory flagship store in Bejing, and realized we knew each other from Watchuseek. 

But that meeting had happy consequences. 

Here's a write up that I like because it captures the context of how the watch came about.

If you want the really deep dive the rabbit hole is here...

 A photo of Wilfried, me, Robin and Li Wei of the China Horologe Association, enjoying some time on a rooftop bar in Lishi Hutong, Beijing, July of 2019. It had rained but it was warm and comfortable when the photo was taken.


That was a good day.


Thank you for sharing. Every color was out of stock I noticed.


Thank you for sharing. Every color was out of stock I noticed.

Yes, it's sold out, which is a shame for those who'd like one. I've seen one or two in the second hand market, though.


This one is fantastic!  Congratulations.  Great backstory, too.