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Merkur w/hi-vis hands

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Quick and dirty shot at work today...

Tourbillons work great with flannel :-)
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National Geographic Pioneer Series Diver

Model name: Deep Blue / Model number NG710GSSS (2011 or so...) 200m WR. OS21 quartz, a very serviceable daily wearer, and lighter than it looks.
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Another Merkur on Fluco nooshoos...

...and, again, thanks to Holben's for a short classic smooth no-stitch leather strap. Just right to keep interest on the dial.
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Seizenn Cali on Fluco Record

Hat tip to Holben's for carrying nice short leather straps. With this strap, it feels like the watch was built for me.
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Another Merkur Group beauty arrives at the AMCHPR

Seizenn California Dial Retro. I've always had a sweet spot for Cali dials--now I have one. Pretty good budget bang for the buck (under $80).
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Couldn't resist. The Timex Q resides at the AMCHPR

...and I'm pretty sure it's not exactly wrong that one fits in a museum of (mostly) Chinese watches. It's my first Timex. I have an Acqua, but it's ne...
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I love what Merkur is doing in the budget sector. Nothing wrong with the build, especially at the price. I have four of them, now.
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HMT Kaushal D233-7341

One of the most prized pieces in my collection: the HMT Kaushal. I received it in 2010. Huge respect for HMT, and I have two others. from the company....
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Beijing Zun Jue w/SB18 movement

Ric Capucho, who very generously donated the watch to the AMCHPR collection, noted: "handwinding, powered by some sort of hybrid between the SB18 that...
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