San Martin SN004 V2 "milsub"

For a change I'm wearing my San Martin SN004 "milsub" to the office (instead of my usual daily wearers such as Seiko 5 SNXS79, Cronos subby or Grand Seiko SBGA375).

When I saw this on a YouTube review last year, I had to get this!! I love the milsub as it is sooo toolish and surpasses the bog standard subby look which is more dressy. Several years ago, I almost bit the bullet on a Steinhart OVM but the almost straight ended lugs (almost 50mm lug to lug too) and size were a deal-breaker...

This San Martin is much more compact with a 38mm case (and 39mm ceramic bezel so the watch doesn't appear so small) and V2 iteration (120 click). Subsequently, I've replaced the stock milled clasp with the more recent (and excellent) "on-the-fly" adjustable clasp (but occasionally I swap the stock clasp back on as it is slightly smaller and depending on the weather, can be more comfortable). The BGW-9 lume is simply torch bright plus it is long lasting! Accuracy was all over the place in the beginning but it settled down after 1 month to around +6 secs per day.

Other nice touches include the applied indices on the black enamel dial and female end links.

I paid around USD200 for this when it came out and have absolutely no regrets whatsoever due to a great combination of build quality, specification, finishing, reliability and value for money (which is more than what I can say for my Cronos L6005 (PT5000 movement reliability is pants and had to replace with a Seagull ST2130 movement which is running perfectly, and L6015 in which the NH35 movement had to be regulated by my local watchmaker)....

I also own another San Martin SN0020G vintage Explorer homage but that is another story for another day...


Can鈥檛 fault San Martin. Even their customer service is mint.

This is one of the most popular micro brands this year so far.