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State of the collection

For those curious to see most of the collection, this is it. One solar watch and one manual pocket watch are not featured, as the first is parked in a...

Brutal cull: SOTC 2023 versus SOTC 2024

Old thread (link), but long journey: . I'v...

Watches of 2024

I'm typically reserved when it comes to discussing the state of my collection, but I'm making an exception with the 'SOTC 2024'—albeit not in the way...

SOTC 2024

So finally putting out my collection. I know it is a bit heavy on casios but trying to bring in some variety and pare down the collection. Happy to he...

SOTC April 2024

While I’m still in my early days of collecting watches (mostly automatic).. I realized my watch collection journey started a decade ago with my first...

I think this is everything!

Both my watches and then also my fiancée’s watches. Few different shots, as I’ve somehow missed a watch every time I’ve tried this 😂 From left to rig...

My SOTW Collection 2024

Never done one of these before! I figured I start doing a yearly SOTW for my own records. I’m curious crunchers, What would you add/remove if this wer...

SOTC 2024

Today I got my latest addition to my collection. The Zenith Defy Extreme. I was eyeing this one for a long time but couldn't find a deal that was conv...

Updated SOTC 2024

Thought I’d post a quick collection update with my latest pitches. What’s do you think Crunchers? Any ideas for next steps?

SOTC 2024 and Write-Up 1.5 Years In

Hi everyone! Wanted to share my journey and watch passion that really kicked off over the last ~year-and-half. Added supplemental Versa photos because...