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anonwatchguy8 ·

Hamilton Murph or Smiths Everest?

I was 100% sure that I wanted the Smiths Everest next. Either in gilt, or possibly the new honeycomb dial that’s coming out next year.. until I saw they made the Murph smaller. I’ll probably still end...
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robwei ·

IIcohow-wowyp duel 3: Casio Duro vs. Smiths Expedition

If I could only have one watch - which one would you chose? Today it's big against small, in multiple ways Casio Duro 45mm of super affordable toolwatch from a beloved big brand or Smiths Expedition 3...
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Joerou ·

Miyota Problems

Hey y’all, my beloved Smiths Everest is acting up again. I bought it in May, and this is the second time I’ve had this issue. I had it “fixed” once by...
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DJmarky ·

Smiths Commando PRS-47

Got this in yesterday. Was gently used, and a price I was comfortable with on eBay. I was scared 36mm would be too small on my 7.25 wrist but I’m real...
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chronotriggered ·

Chronotriggered destroys watches… #2

Well the first instalment seemed to go ok. The premise is relatively simple, I bring together two watches with shared history/controversy/notoriety, and I ask you, the audience, to vote for the watch...
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ChronoGuy ·

Let's Bust Some Rolex "Myths" (or less euphemistically known as lies...)

Myth #1 - The First Waterproof Watch "In 1926, the creation by Rolex of the first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch marked a major step forward. Giv...
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Catskinner ·

Guilt by association, the case of the Smiths Everest PRS-25

I've been avoiding my Everest PRS-25. There is nothing wrong with it. I like its gilt dial and being a 36mm Explorer 1016 clone, it also wears very we...
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Catskinner ·

Drinking coffee on the Everest

I bet that neither Hillary nor Norgay would imagine that almost 70 years after their successful ascent there will still be discussions and arguments a...
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SurferJohn ·

SOTC- Indy Box 2

Top: Raven- Deep Tech 1, Titanium Deep, Endeavor Prototype, Endeavor. Middle: NFW- Valor, Shumate 1, O7 Hard Titanium Ploprof, Zeno Caribbean. Lower:...
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Tunokies ·

Smiths Everest in Gilt

I always loved Seiko because of their 'bang for buck' but as their prices started heading north, I looked towards the microbrands. Timefactors is argu...
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