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Most Haunted Vintage Watch Challenge - Séance

The salt and air freshener did the trick, but what about this note you’ve found asking you for help? There’s nobody else in the house but your cat, an...

Most Haunted Vintage Watch Challenge - Ritual

Congratulations! With the help of your WatchCrunch friends, you successfully escaped being possessed by Jester and won the last battle. Jester was so...

Most Haunted Vintage Watch Challenge - Witch

Unfortunately, nothing supernatural actually occurred while the paranormal researchers were in your house. You always knew Most Haunted was as fake as...

Most Haunted Vintage Watch Challenge - Ghost Hunters

Feeding the ghost unfortunately seems to have given it more power, and like all poltergeists, this one is a particularly noisy beast. You've learned t...

Scavenger Hunt Chapter 3: The Generator

"My diagnostics are informing me that Dr. Aurelian is trying to gain control over the main facility generator. He may be working to divert power away...

Deus ex machina: Scavenger Hunt

Has it ever occurred to you that Deeper Red is abbreviated to Dr? Only one of us is a doctor. Wouldn’t the evil genius be Aurelian, Esq? One of us is...

Scavenger Hunt Chapter 3: The Storage Bay

"Your team has been tasked with finding all of the ingredients and equipment needed to produce the vaccine. You will find everything you need in the s...

Most Haunted Vintage Watch Challenge - Possession

It’s Hallowe’en! Well, of course it is. Trick or Treat, everybody! Bahahahahaha! Your house is haunted, ve...

Scavenger Hunt Chapter 3: The Doctors Office

"I need your team to go into Dr. Aurelian's offices and discover the secret components that are needed to complete the vaccine. The doctor was notorio...

Scavenger Hunt: The Grand Finale

Dr. Aurelian pours himself a drink and sits back in his chair. The Red Queen's image flickers on the screen... "You will not succeed in this plan doct...