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Anyone Have Thoughts RE Shanghai Watches?

I've seen a couple of pieces in the WRUW scroll, and while I'm not sure which have been vintage and which new, I like the general look very much. The...

An ethical Dilemma

I'm got two red star watches, which I'm very fond of, but after seeing a seagull review on YouTube, and going through the comments, someone wrote some...

Sea-Gull Officially Launches a 1963 Edition with a Transparent Caseback

According to friends at Sea-Gull, in response to the high demand from 1963 watch enthusiasts and collectors who wish to admire the splendor of the ST1...

I'm not a fan of Chinese Homages

This though? Seiko GMT in something approaching a unique design Hmmmmmm πŸ€”

Review of a Rolex wanna be... na, homage... na, straight rip off????!

I had been looking for an automatic GMT watch for a long time, and I came across the Pagani Design PD-1662 on sale for less than 70€. I was intrigued...

Pagani Design PD-1662

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Only Two Authentic Seagull 1963 Editions

There are many counterfeit and third-party modified versions of the Seagull 1963 circulating in the market. Many watch collectors have unknowingly pur...

Swiss, Japan, and Chinese

My 2100 is my beater watch. But my favorite watch company Seiko. What can I add on to my small collection, any suggestions will. Be welcome

I said I wouldn't.

Three bottles of beer twisted my arm. 😁 No idea how to pronounce that, so it appears that I've bought a parsnip. πŸ˜‚ The Soviet boat compass arrived t...

An original design chinese watch with a great movment

I absolutly love this dial and the STP2130 is a great movement from Seagull!

Just came in the mail. Lobinni L16071 ✨

What do you think? I might want to change the strap to a different color. It’s pretty big for a 43mm, but I really enjoy the dial. Here are the specs....