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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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tagheuer store could not do it

Today I went to tagheuer store in madrid to pickup a bracelet for my monaco. All good, the bracelet arrived quick, just 1 day after I asked. but at th...

Hamilton Landon

Got this beautiful vintage hamilton!

Joining the “paneristis”

So, after some months checking this watch I found a great condition preowned one. Great wear, very confortable and actually not as big as I thought. S...

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commented on tagheuer store could not do it ·

Totally agree with u, that was the explanation from their sales rep., not having the appropriate tool, thus better not to damage the bracelet by trying. For that reason + his “solution” of going to the dealer i decided to go ahead. Just think that if you have the product, sold for more than 300bucks, why dont have the tool? That’s just not good business practice. This is a main store of tag, located at one of the best locations in Madrid… anyway, thanks for the comment

commented on Chiefofthewatch's WRUW ·

Very happy with it. it is actually very confortable to wear and a delight to see. highly recommended, i got the 40mm PAM00048 which is better for my 16,5 slender wrist and also more affordable.

commented on What is the best German watch? ·

check pioneer one of hanhart, you may also find a discounted 556 from sinn.

commented on Chiefofthewatch's WRUW ·

🤣🤪 looks great !!!! we are watch brothers!

commented on Another great hamilton ·

Thanks. Yeah… the ventura is at my sight, but I think I have to try it first before, different sizes, models… hope u get it !

commented on WatchJourney2023 ·

Beautiful video!! Watches and life stories, perfect combination. This is probably one of the reasons, if not the most important, that we have this shared passion. Well done @UnholiestJedi , thanks!

commented on Meetup in Hamburg, Germany ·

I will be in Hamburg for a tradeshow on the last week of may (27th to 31st) so if it is during this week Im in!

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Another great hamilton

Despite some opinions, I definetly prefer this hamilton to the comparables at this price. This is my third hamilton, and every time I get more convinc...

wify sunday

nothing like enjoying sunday with my better half


Nice Gagarin watch homage

Waltham Reborn!?

Got this from watchangels. Good quality, great built, vintage vibes.

Hanhart in the indiana jones movie ..?!?

There was a big marketing campaign when the latest Indiana Jones movie was launched (the dial of destiny) around the hamilton bolton that was used by...

No long lines this time

Got the new blancpain today. It seems that the buzz has dwindled. I arrived at the store after opening and there were less than 15 people queuing…aske...