Razrwire ·

Recommendations for a Field/Pilot Watch with Chronograph Movement

Hello Watch Crunchers. I’m in the hunt for a field/pilot watch with a chronograph movement in the sub $2,500 range. I came across the Longines Avigati...
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rushman ·

Not the best pic…

Waiting for my mom
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WatchAddict10001 ·

Longines Spirit Noisy Rotor

Hi everyone, I purchased this Longines Spirit 37mm about a month ago, but recently I noticed it's quite loud when moving around. I've owned quite a lo...
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thewatchpit ·

What watches do watch buyers buy, and are they purchased primarily at retail brand-new, or in the used secondary market, or only when heavily discounted? Today we take an even deeper dive further into our well-received early analysis

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TonyXXX ·

Torn between two watches

I've been scouring the web as you do and thinking about my next purchase. I wanted something significant and not blow my money on a couple of micro br...
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Seikozilla ·

[SOTC] Land/Air/Sea 3 Watch Collection

Hi everyone, This is my current watch collection. I've been collecting for a few years and I've settled on these 3. I think I might just stick to thes...
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GinoWatch ·

My Watch Collection @GinoWatch

Hello Watch Crunchers, Gino from Wrist Watchers, my You Tube channel for my watches. As an authorized Seiko, Citizen, Bulova, and Casio, the channel a...

Wrist Watchers

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Nuclear1711 ·

Introducing myself!

Hello folks! I got a little tired of the tropes on reddit, and thought I'd see what this was like instead. Seen it around on YouTube and stuff, but ne...
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netzbandit ·

My newest watch

Hi everyone! I was looking for an elegant watch for a long time. My primary requirements were white or silver dial contrasting hands for readability (...
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GasWorks ·

If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen...

Having been let down on several occasions recently, most notably and disappointingly by someone I once trusted, it got me thinking about reliability (...
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K.evin ·

Total steal: Longines Présence Heritage

It‘s very painful for me when I come across a reference that I think is ridiculous value but there is no spot for it in my collection. So I’ll share t...
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Outlaw_203 ·

Anniversary dinner with my better half.

Watch choices for the evening.
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