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tonyberneta ·

Can't stop appreciating Longines Spirit 37mm

I don't know whether it'll be replaced by Grand Seiko with 62GS case one day, but as of now I am loving this watch. Looks absolutely stunning when you...
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Rugger227 ·

I need help picking my next watch

Hello all, I am in a bit of a conundrum. I am looking to purchase my next watch, but I am not sure which way to go. I am trying to decide between thre...
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Shauny ·

Anyone have a black rubber strap on the black Longines Spirit Zulu Time?

Hi Just treated myself to this beautiful watch (after much soul searching and looking at others such as Tudor, Breitling, Bremont, even Omega and Role...
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A0860000 ·

Best Daily: Spirit 37 or Legend Diver 37 ??

I've been going back-and-forth on what'll be the first watch in my collection. These two are battling out. Would love to hear the community's thoughts...
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BlazeofTwlight ·

Seiko Alpinist Ginza VS Longine Spirit 37mm

So, I'm new to watch collecting and watch crunch, so hello! Now here's the crux of my issue, I want to buy a new bluish every day watch and after mont...
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A0860000 ·

Longines Spirit 37 Owners - Top 5 Straps

For all the Spirit 37 owners: what are the top straps you love or would love to own? About to get a Spirit myself and would love to see the top choice...
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Piyath_007 ·

Among these 4 what's your ideal GADA pick?

Please comment why you chose that...
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DillanR ·

Which one would you choose?

Debating on getting a longines spirit. What dial would you choose?
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DillanR ·

New piece that came in today!

The 37mm Longines Spirit, with the blue dial!
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Raatma ·

PETITION: Help me convince Longines to produce a smaller Spirit Zulu Time

I adore this watch but it is simply too big for my wrist. I was surprised they didn't announce a smaller version like they had for other Spirit refs....

Petition Let's convince Longines to produce a smaller Spirit Zulu Time
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