nartlambaz ·

Longines Hydroconquest Full Ceramic watch

This is my full ceramic Longines Hydroconquest that's on my wrist today.
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My first Longines!

Hey all! I just picked up the newer Longines Hydroconquest 41 and I’m in love! This is my first Longines, and I’m absolutely digging it. I wasn’t so s...
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BeReal ·

An Hommage on the Hydro Conquest from Longines

It was my first luxury swiss watch. It has a lot of flaws; the bezel is not perfect, the bracelet is not tapering, the clasp is stapt metal and hard t...
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HydroConquest - Green/Gold

I am liking the looks of this watch. Anyone on here have this one, if so could you share any wrist shots
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Scooter ·

It’s a homage, but I don’t care!

After a hard days work, back on the road again with my wonderful looking Guanqin homage to a HydroConquest. Yes, it’s a homage, but I can’t afford the...
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nartlambaz ·

Loving the #longines Hydroconquest All Ceramic watch

Recently I started considering the purchase of the Longines Hydroconquest All Ceramic Black watch. After holding one in my hands I honestly fell in lo...
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watchbrothers ·

Longines Hydroconquest 39mm automatic

The Longines hydroconquest 39mm is the perfect diver for those with a 16cm wrist, do we agree?
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horofreak ·

Longines vs TAG

Who would you say makes better watches? Longines or TAG Heuer?
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Skyy12 ·

Longines HydroConquest two-tone 41mm

What do you think......worth $1,800 direct from Longines? ETA-bases L888, 30 bars, ceramic bezel. I know there are completely different watches....but...
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Blacksenate ·

Longines hydroconquest

Got to be one of the best entry level luxury divers on the Market. Thoughts?
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