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Always love Nivada

Still loving the Depthmaster.

Anyone else still digging the Depthmaster? #94 from the initial launch and still loving it. I chose the ice version so no patina. The new orange versi...

Two classics..

Always Bikini Bottom

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commented on Halfwound's WRUW

As you know!! It鈥檚 an interesting watch, can鈥檛 stop wearing it.

commented on bennylee's WRUW

Been there with an eight day old dtona years ago, case, crystal, bezel, bracelet.

Sympathies and happy it turned out well for you!

commented on Halfwound's WRUW

Hey.. thank you. I stopped wearing all my crown watches when it all became so doucheeee. But the 116900 and 126900 are the exceptions to me as well. It鈥檚 everything rolex used to be.

commented on MikeShaw's WRUW

What鈥檚 not to love?!!! Happy for you!

commented on Halfwound's WRUW

I shudder, 19 years ago I had just purchased a new ***** ****ona I owned it all of eight days when I was carrying a large box downhill past the newly poured concrete walling for our home entry in the dark. Thought I was good and clear when I raked the entire case, bezel, crystal, bracelet along the concrete wall with the weight of the box for extra force. Never the same after that.

commented on Am I crazy?!?

Super cool!!! Awesome happy for you. Crown guards with smooth bezel baby! And all the other unique features鈥..Toast to you!

commented on Halfwound's WRUW

Hey! Congratulations! I hope you find as much to love with it as I do. It has a lot of layers to focus on at different times on different days. Great Day!

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Italian Egg Cracker

Love the granite dial!

2 in the Watch Roll, 1 on the wrist road trip鈥

The picks for this week of traveling. Three watches are the most I ever travel with. How about you Crunchers? Keep it to the watch on your wrist only...

Always On!

Always love the mid-day lume coming in from outside! There is no off switch.

Went into the attic..

I kinda like the current Air King lume.

Two of my Ex鈥檚 waiting by the bed..

Leave it to my son to point that out.

Who does the watch box best?

Some of them I have in the attic are ridiculously over the top in size and wood and storage space. I鈥檇 much prefer they just delivered in a nice littl...