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My humble collection

Wanted to buy a watch for my wife’s 40th so went into some serious analysis and fell in love with watches. Now I spend more time on it than golf which...

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commented on What an incredible experience!!! ·

Congrats man that thing is gorgeous

commented on SOTC November 2023 ·

Cannot argue with the 2 you thinking of, love the pitzmann and the GS, both are sick! Hope you don’t have to part ways with it.

Pitzmann is on my list - thoughts on that, the fact that u didn’t have it on the chopping block seems like a good sign 😄

commented on You can only keep two… ·

Everyone knows the one you shouldn’t keep 🤣

I’d keep the same explorer and pepsi

commented on To mark an occasion. ·

Congrats and such a gorgeous watch

commented on Fun to dream: If you suddenly inherited 12 billion dollars which Watch brands would you acquire? ·

Breguet for me!! Cuz I wouldn’t be doing this to make money I would truly be doing it to save one of the greatest brands in watch making history.

commented on a post ·

@Indianwatchcollector love this chrono. I bought the kakori and love it.

commented on mudaliaranand's WRUW ·

It’s the seconds hand. So longest is the minute then the 24hr hand and the smallest is the seconds hand.