My last strapmonster has now transitioned to a bracelet

Hey guys! I have finally transitioned my last strap monster watch to a bracelet and i feel it would stay on this mesh for a good long time. As much as i love the flexibility of straps it just doesn鈥檛 match the work environment I鈥檓 in and i feel that i spend too much time thinking about what strap would go on what watch.

I hope this looks good as i think the mesh really matches the panda layout of this seiko solar panda.


I think that looks great. Good eye 馃憤.

Love a Milanese 馃槏馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎

Looks nice on that Milanese, congrats!

Mesh is SUCH a good bracelet for tool watches!! Practical and elegant at the same time

First time I have seen that on mesh. That's a good look. A milanese is one of my favorite straps!

that looks great on the mesh! I own this watch, and wouldn't have thought to put it on mesh... but now I do... Thanks for posting it!

Good photography 馃摳

Beautiful. Where did you buy it from?

It's an excellent look