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Some window shopping 👑🇨🇭

Who doesn’t like window shopping👑🇨🇭… Was surprised to see a large selection of Daytona’s available to try on at my local AD👑🇦🇺If I’m honest I prefer...

Like father like son

So glad I can share my passion with my son @Watch_Addiction #rolex #daytona 🇨🇭👑

It’s been a while… AP Royal Oak Chrono🇨🇭🖤💛

Back on the bracelet and ready for the colder months in🇦🇺While the black rubber strap is great for summer and the warmer months after putting the brac...

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commented on Timeless Geneva: A Horological Journey Through the City of Watches ·

Great post Paul👍

commented on Some window shopping 👑🇨🇭 ·

Just to try on…. Not for purchase

commented on Some window shopping 👑🇨🇭 ·

Just to try on… not for purchase

commented on WristCounselor's WRUW ·

Love the white strap… and watch🖤🤍 what’s great about AP is you can add a different colour strap and it’s a new watch😁

commented on drcarter13's WRUW ·

Two green dials in a row… I like it💚

commented on What’s your favourite 2 watches in your collection? ·

What a great pair - It would be a hard choice to make each morning - congrats on both these beautiful pieces👑🇨🇭

commented on anonymouswatchcollector's WRUW ·

I actually love the complication - I don’t use it but like the aesthetic look. I prefer a watch/ dial that has a complication⏱️

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👑🇨🇭Rolex blue just hits different💙👑

Still loving this white gold Daytona 116509 👑🇨🇭“John Mayer” - from discreet to outright Bold💙💙 in the☀️☀️The blue dial goes from a navy blue/ black...

Perfect for any flight🚀✈️

Not going to space🚀… only Melbourne🚃🤣🤣

Welcome Speedy🇨🇭⏱️

In anticipation of Speedy Tuesday - my first Omega🇨🇭and latest addition to the collection - Omega Speedmaster Sapphire Sandwich 3861🚀🪐 I have to say...


My first lume post… it’s adequate💙

Daytona for the win🏁👑🇨🇭 John Mayer🎸

After two weeks I’m still loving this piece👑My Rolex Daytona 116509💙🩶 “John Mayer🎸”. I was hesitant about pulling the trigger on a white gold watch...

Not just a watch💙

Talk about something special this Easter… I had the pleasure of trying on this special timepiece #greubelforsey in titanium. For a 46mm watch it wears...