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Panerai Submersible - my grail watch

The Panerai Submersible has been my grail watch for about 5 years now and finally got my hands on one (post extensive discussions, reviews and so on)....
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Does anyone sell their watches before buying more?

When I started my watch collection, i bought watches that I no longer fancy. Over time, I have improved on them and I am in a position where I want to...
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Does the watch face and clasp always align post adjustment

My watches with a metal bracelet have this problem where if the watch face is in the center of my wrist, the clasp below isn’t in the center of my bot...
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Subhayu commented on Panerai Radiomir Venti ·

panerai is my favorite watch brand. I think their watches can’t be mistaken for any other watch - thats the uniqueness of their design. I have had a luminor & a submersible. havent had a radiomir yet but maybe one day if they release a 42 mm perhaps. The domed crystal is bloody amazing! Also your watch looks gorgeous 

Subhayu commented on Does anyone sell their watches before buying more? ·

Ok as an update, i managed to sell my watch on chrono

Subhayu commented on Panerai Submersible - my grail watch ·

My wife finally helped me with a needle. I put the needle into the box for future use 😂

Subhayu commented on Panerai Submersible - my grail watch ·

I hope you do. I couldn’t afford the carbotech version (it was some 15k usd and frankly I felt it was overpriced) but that version also looks amazing 

Subhayu commented on Panerai Submersible - my grail watch ·

Also, did you have any trouble changing the buckle? Changing the strap seems straight forward but the buckle seems quite difficult, to the extent that I’ve not been able to change it yet. 

Subhayu commented on Panerai Submersible - my grail watch ·

thanks a lot! Your watch looks amazing, great pics!

Subhayu commented on The Tudor mule ·

An absolute beauty 

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Subhayu ·

Thoughts on the Panerai Pam 1000 base?

What are the thoughts of the group on the panerai pam 1000? Manual movement without the sandwich dial but great pricing
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Subhayu ·

The Tudor Black Bay Heritage 41. Loving the new watch

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Why are Hublot watches so hated?

Why are hublot watches so hated globally? I’m from india and hublot watches entered the market with huge fan fare and massive stores in prime location...
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Subhayu ·

Are tudor watches underrated?

Is the tudor the most underrated watch brand? I have one and frankly it’s an amazing watch, the finishing the finesse the pricing and value.
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Subhayu ·

Breitling Superocean

I have a Breitling Superocean 42. 2015 model. Do you’ll think it’s a good enough watch to hold on to or sell and upgrade?
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Subhayu ·

Rolex or Panerai

Love the panerai. have a pam 1000. Time for the next watch and like most people, want a Rolex but I can’t get my hands on one (a new piece not a resal...
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