CrunchTrek - Week 5 Prologue - The Continuum

“The Continuum”

The USS Novaform slips through subspace gracefully at maximum warp to meet her destiny. Unfortunately, the tachyon time wave has been stalking her since she left orbit of the planet. It reaches out and catches her nacelles first, then envelopes the rest of the ship.

Inside the Novaform, some of the crew are swept away and disappear as the wave passes through them. The Time Wave is erasing portions of reality that no longer exist in the timeline.

On the Bridge, Captain @Salty1 and his XO @RelativeTime watch the wave pass through and the entire Bridge crew disappear. They’re the only ones left. Luckily, the ship continues autonomously on course to Earth, unaffected by the wave. The Captain records his final log entry, and stands up to start walking towards his XO, at the helm. They’re the last ones left on this journey and they need to get the ship to Earth in one piece and figure out how to use the artifact, all the while knowing that they haven’t seen the last of the Borg. This is too much for the two of them they thought. They needed to call for help.

“Open a secure channel to Starfleet Command”, the Captain asks.

The Starfleet insignia appears on the screen, only to be morphed into a Q.

“Mon Capitaine, I told you we’d see each other soon” said the entity masquerading as an Admiral.

“Of course it’s you. We’ve had enough of your games. Help us or get out of the way. We have the artifact and we’re on the way to Earth to close the rift”.

“That’s no way to talk to a friend. Do you know how many times I’ve rescued you and put you on this loop? How many times you’ve arrived here at this exact point? You’ve researched, bought and acquired so many Artifacts over the years. You’ve been on this chase for a long time, never reaching the end. Are you going to break the cycle this time?”

“You’re saying we’ve been on the artifact hunt merry-go-round more than once?”

“Bingo. Your little sapien minds are opening. I can see the synapses overloading as we speak. I spoke the truth before. You did this to yourself with the endless hunt. I was just here to make sure you didn’t break the universe on your quest. And here we are yet again.”

“How do we break free of the cycle?”, the XO asks.

Q snaps his fingers and your watch collection and and accoutrements appears. “You have the tools at your disposal. Are you willing to use them all? Will you do what is necessary to win? Or are we going to start over again? Remember closing your eyes at home and waking up in your crew quarters? Who do you think woke you up and brought you to the Bridge in the first place? Me.”

“That was you?!”

“It was always me. Unfortunately, your former friends were also there. And worse of all, they assimilated me. I’m just as surprised as you are. But now, they also know what The Continuum knows. They’ll be there to try to stop you from closing the rift, and using it to rewrite Time itself. This is all I can do”. With a snap of his finger, he’s gone and the view screen returns to the vista of stars as you travel past them.


The final week of CrunchTrek will involve 2 parts:

1) Daily challenges to be posted and need to completed within 24 hours. This will be posted daily at 5pm PST/0:00 UTC and will be required to complete. First post will drop on 5/20 5:00pm PST/0:00 UTC 5/21.

Failure to complete will eliminate individuals. If all crew, either the Novaform or the Borg, fail to complete the daily challenges, their ship will be destroyed by their opponent.

2) A community challenge involving a writeup to be provided by the Novaform and Borg crews. The write up is to be posted on the Week 5 mission thread, and tagging me, by Tuesday 5/21 5pm PST/0:00 UTC Wednesday 5/22. This will be incorporated into a poll, posted that day, and will go through Saturday 5/25 5pm PST/0:00 UTC Sunday 5/26. Novaform only has 2 crew so either can provide the final writeup. The Borg crew will need to decide who speaks for the Collective.

The winner of the poll will be declared the winner of CrunchTrek.

The topics will be fun and controversial so use your powers of persuasion, tag your friends, and have them vote for your side.

USS Novaform - @Salty1 @RelativeTime


Borg - @swim97 @Fieldwalker @biglove @epochalanalogs @tanookisuit_ty @Urkraft


Tagging in @WatchCrunch as they will be creating a special badge for the winners. I’ve been teasing for weeks now about the special prize that I will personally give to the winners of CrunchTrek. Here it it. It’s one of 2 things. 1) I will donate $50 per player per winning team, to a charity of your choice. In this case, I will donate up to $100 to Novaform’s charity and up to $300 to the Borg’s charity. 2) If charity isn’t your thing, then how about a nerdy Star Trek watch.


You can see this 38mm watch in action here:

Caveat: I have not bought the watches yet so if they sell out, we’ll figure something else out.




Resistance is Futile.


Being Borg is cool! 🤖