Odd links

Hi all,

Whilst wearing my Pelagos 39, I notice that it doesn鈥檛 sit in centre of my wrist and I have to adjust it to sit correctly.

Is it normal to have more links on one side of the buckle to the other for perfect fitnent?


Had the same problem a few days ago and asked myself the same question. My solution was to take out more links from the top strap part to get the perfect balance. You鈥檒l have to try different configurations until it fits as you want it to.

100%. Depending on the L2L, the clasp size, shape, curvature, etc. I have to wear newer pieces for a few days straight to see how they want to sit or be moved around. It鈥檚 like they have different personalities.

Yes... perfectly normal. One size/configuration doesn't suit all.


My Oris as an example

Definitely YES. With the Pelagos 39 especially, the clasp length is the same as the watch's lug to lug and this may make the watch unbalanced on the wrist if the clasp is not centred under your wrist.

With this Seiko, I have 4 links on the 6 o'clock side as opposed to the 5 links on the 12 o'clock side. The clasp is centred and my watch sits balanced on my wrist.


For you depending on the size and shape of your wrist, you may have to try a few combinations to find the right balance. Just make sure the clasp doesn't sit close to the edge of your wrist.

I usually have to remove 3 links from an average bracelet, I take two from the 6 side and one from the 12, to try to pull it 'up' when in it's usual resting position (12 down). I don't even think about it now, that's my default.

I have yet to encounter a watch where I didn鈥檛 have to take off an uneven amount of links from the bracelet.