New Pelagos FXD

Tudor have released a new FXD in black with a nice red Pelagos logo.

Looks like the 39s bigger brother.

What鈥檚 your thoughts guys?


Personally I quite like it. The black face with red text is super nice and the bezel having the digits in the right order rather than back to front on the marine national model.

That's sharp. I really like the FXD. Borrowed my friends a few times. It fits even a small wrist like mine well, the strap is nice, and it's light. I enjoyed the whole over-sized look on my wrist. Did not get one because it's too similar to my BB58 Blue but might save up for this. It would be a nice fit with my collection

I like this release. Basically a modern version of a US Navy Tudor MilSub. I'll have to think hard on this one. I kind of feel this is what the 39 should have been.

Although, I think the whole press junket thing for this release was a little over the top.