Tissot PRX powermatic or Seiko Prospex Alpinist ?

Both are very different watches, but they cost around the same and I feel like I like them equally. Which one would you choose ?

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I think the PRX quartz would be the better choise and it would be cheap enough to add the Alpinist to your purchase

I contend that while the alpinist is nice, the PRX is more unique... That would be my choice.

I can't stand integrated bracelets so, Alpinist 馃槄

I don鈥檛 care for either.

Which is just as irrelevant as any other vote. Your wrist, so only your opinion matters.


Easy win for the far more versatile Alpinist...trends come & go, style is eternal 馃槣

I see a lot more prx sold used than this style of Alpinist, says a lot about owner satisfaction imho.

Having said that, although I dislike the Genta bandwagon I'm sure it's a decent watch.

Good luck with whatever you choose 馃憤馃徎

Try to get the 鈥瀘ld鈥 SARB017, if you ask me.

PRX but it's barely above 50:50

I think it's the integrated bracelet that swings it for me, gives it a touch of class (though I understand why it puts people off).

I think the PRX is way to big to have an intergrated bracelet. It should have been ~38mm. It looks so bulky.

The existing 35mm on the other hand is a little bit to small in my opinion.

It鈥檚 sad because the design is nice.

Pretty big win for the Seiko there, thanks for all your inputs ! I do think the alpinist has the superior dial, although the PRX dial is nothing to be ashamed of either. I like the integrated bracelet, though so it's more of a "better bracelet vs better dial" stand off for me. Yes the prx is on the larger side but I feel like both watches fit my 17cm wrist perfectly. If my wife cannot get her hands on a Seiko SARX029 then I will probably fall back to the alpinist.