Seiko v657-8060

My father has had this watch for many years as he bought it in the 90s but it has sat dead for over 10 years i recently rediscovered it and decided to fix it up which was surprisingly not too hard new battery spring bars back gasket the usuals unfortunately the chronograph no longer functions perfectly with the tenth of a second hand no longer moving but the seconds and minutes hand do am very happy to get this vintage seiko ticking again any ideas on how to fix the tenth of a second hand would be appreciated thanks

Nice watch hope you get it serviced I鈥檓 sure it will be worth the effort, not to mention the sentimental value

Get it serviced and enjoy it! I recently re-discovered my grandfather鈥檚 watch that hadn鈥檛 run since he died in 1970. No better way to mark time than a time piece!

This timepiece is truly remarkable and holds a sentimental value that cannot be measured. Suggest to better get it repaired and make it breathe again!聽馃憤

fire that bad boy up.. looks cool