My fellow Grand Seiko WCers that have good relationships with their ADs, I see your assistance!

I just had a lovely talk with Grand Seiko service since I am looking to purchase the 16mm Grand Seiko tang buckle for the 3 bespoke straps I had made for my SGBW287 Boshu. She informed me that these buckles are on backorder until June and that there is the possibility of ADs having some or being able to order it since they have an account.

I was told in all fairness that I might have to call everyday in June since I am not a GS retailer and these part allocations mainly go to the ADs. Anyone have a good relationship with their ADs in the US that can help out? More than happy to purchase the buckle directly from your AD if they have it in stock (was told by GS it is $45, way cheaper than the $300+ deployment buckle) or pay a convenience fee on top of the price for the inconvenience of having to order it for someone that hasn't bought from them before.


Iโ€™d ping Rob at Toppers. If anyone can track one down he can.


I only got one recently, but Leonardo Jewelers has been fantastic. They have locations in Metuchen and Red Bank if you're close to either town.