What is the best bezel function?

For my next watch, I'm aiming for a piece that has a rotating bezel, just because I want to try what it is like for wearing. So I'm curious: which types of bezels do you own and/or prefer to wear?

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I think 12hr, elapsed mins, and countdown mins are all equally easy to use to time minutes or hours, up or down, because we're all used to converting between 60 minute and 12hr scales. The 24hr bezel is the best for GMT hands but worse for timing stuff. Compass bezels are niche, but it's easier to convert a timing bezel to a compass than a compass bezel to a timer.

I prefer dive watch bezels because they trade some convenience for locking out a direction of travel that I think is most common to occur by accident, something bumping the bezel on the hand side as your hand comes down. Plus, you always make more time pass when you turn a dive bezel, which is usually preferable to removing time.

I think the 12H bezel offers a good combination of functionality. You can use it to count hours, count increments of 5 minutes, and of course, you can use it as a timezone tracker - turning your 3 hander into a form of GMT.


It's a little unusual looking though.

I would say my ultimate bezel configuration would be a countdown bezel, with 10 minute increments up from 60 - 15 minutes, and then minute increments for the final 15 minutes. I don't want the bezel to look too busy like the Tudor FXD. I would want something like a regular Tudor Pelagos bezel, but reversed..

The below seiko might actually be an even better approach - with two different types of minute markers - low key pips for the larger minutes, moving to more visible sticks for the last 15.


I'd take this numbering system, but with a Tudor approach of full black matte ceramic, with lumed indices.. 馃憣

Diamond bezel if someone try to steal it you can bling them in there eyes blind them,and casual walk away with your twinkling wrist 馃ぃ馃槀馃槑馃憤

Shoutout to Rolex Skydweller, which has a function-setting bezel. It's sort of a gearbox for pulling out the crown and setting the date, 2nd time zone, and month.

Kind of cheating as it's not a function, but rivets on the bezel are so cool. Tachymetres too

In 30+ years I've never found any practical use for one, but I like them & for me their primary purpose is to protect the crystal from knocks.

Having said that, I'd love to change the dive bezel for a 12 hour insert on my Seamaster 300 to look like the Spectre 馃槄





Besides a dive bezel, which can be slightly annoying in that they only rotate one direction consider something with a bi-directional bezel.

Probably the thing I use the bezels on my #dishwaterdiver watches is to shield the crystal from my own clumsiness. I'll occasionally use it for timing something cooking.

This one. I鈥檝e wanted one for my son for months but they鈥檝e been out of stock. If anyone has a lead let me know!