Bulova Lunar Pilot with Bracelet, size problem?

Just made my first watch purchase over $200 and I think I started strong.

Like most people I was worried about the size. At least for my taste, it worked to the contrary. I wouldn't change the size 

My main dilemma was bracelet vs. strap options. I found out the bracelet version is drilled closer to the case. That caused me to worry that if I were to strap swap, the lug ends would poke out wider than a strap. But I just didn't like that there was noticeable space between the strap and the case in the other version where the holes were drilled.

I eventually decided to get the bracelet version.

Great news!

None of my concerns were manifested!

The picture shows the lugs don't poke beyond the strap without having space from the case.

I definitely believe that the bracelet version makes the watch smaller. Teddy B made a video where he said it wears well with a 6.5 inch wrist. That went against everything I had heard. But this is true with the bracelet version.


Also, try curved spring bars when you put a strap on- it’ll give a little more clearance from the case