User Experiences on Sellita Movements

So, I have an Oris Big Crown Pointer Date with a Sellita SW-200 inside. I've owned it for exactly 2 years. I absolutely love this watch, with one exception. 

It's loud. I hear the rotor all the time when moving my arm. Typically, the movement has to be sudden and somewhat forceful, but I definitely hear the rotor. About a year ago, I had to send the watch in for service because when I would hand wind it, I could feel the rotor moving at the same time I was turning the crown, which shouldn't happen. I sent it back to The Watchmaker in Boston (Oris' authorized service center for watches under warranty) and I assumed everything would be corrected, but a year later, I still hear the noise. It's more subtle than before, but it's still there.

My Omega Aqua Terra is dead silent, but that watch is 2.5x the price of the Oris. However, I don't get any rotor noise from any of my 3 automatic Seikos and they are all watches that were $600 or cheaper. Two are Seiko 5's.

There are a ton of beautiful watches that have this movement, but I'm reluctant to get any of them because hearing the rotor cheapens the watch for me. Is this an issue with just my particular watch? Or is this common to Sellita movements? Should I have it serviced again? The watch keeps excellent time, almost within COSC spec even though the movement isn't chonometer certified. So I don't think there is an issue with the movement itself, just the rotor.



The fact that your accuracy isn’t affected makes me more hesitant to say it’s abnormal noise, but it doesn’t sound great. I’ve never had a Sellita that was that loud. 

I did have a new TAG with a loud rotor recently though. Didn’t think much about it until it started losing >10 sec a day. Sent it back, movement was swapped, and now it keeps excellent time with little noise. 


I own a Direnzo with a Sellita SW200 Elabore.  It is not terribly noisy and I don't think the movement is known as generally noisy.

It might be that Oris had a very thin case wall to drop the height with the added complication of the pointer date.


I have a Farer Resolute with the SW200-1 (no-date) inside. I think this is the most quiet watch I have (quartz excluded, obviously).

In comparison the Miyota 9039 in my Timex is so noisy I make the dogs yell at me in the neighborhood.


I saw someone post a video on Reddit of the Fratello Oris Big Crown Pointer Date and also complaining of the noise. His sounds exactly like mine. Someone in the comments said “I have the exact same watch and yours sounds like mine”, so maybe it’s something specific to this model and case. I’m going to assume all is fine. Thanks for the comments. 


My Oris BCPD isn’t loud and keeps good time, so probably not all Sellitas have this problem


My Glycine Airman has a Sellita movement inside.  I've never heard a peep out of it.