Fixing a Timex Indiglo

I've had a few Timex watches over the years. I get them because I find them fun due to the indiglo feature. It's awesome. But, a lot of people don't realize that it's not a light that creates the illumination. The dial is coated with zinc sulfide mixed with copper so that when an electrical charge is presented, the watch glows. However, my current Timex Weekender still tells time, but no longer glows. I had an Expedition that did the same thing about a year ago. Still told the time, but no longer illuminated. I recycled it.

Does anyone know if these can be fixed once they fail? I have no interest in having a Timex in my collection if it doesn't glow, but I'm sure it would be cheaper to get a new watch than fix the one I have. Anyone have experience with these?


You could begin investigating the fault by examining the electrical contact that commands the indiglo on. Perhaps it was pressed too hard and is damaged or there is a build up of corrosion on the contacts disrupting the flow.

I have a timex ironman that I would otherwise sell that has faulty indiglo also, I've taken the entire module apart and can't immediately diagnose it. So far it is an illusive snag


Indiglo is one of the most underrated features in the watch world. Maybe that’s because the watch has to be quartz to have it, but I’m a fan. Wish I had something new to suggest regarding repair. My guess is the same as @shazerbot, that a contact has come loose somehow or corrosion has gotten in the way.


Those are cheap watches so give it to a kid and get a new one or go god tier and get a Casio.