Great to be on WatchCrunch!

Thanks to @PeterKotsa, I have found WatchCrunch!

Like everyone else, I have loved watches all my life. My tastes in watches range from geeky / cheap digital ones to highly-complicated precision movements.

My current fave watch in my collection is the Citizen CC7005-16E Satellite Wave GPS. I love it due to its many sub-dials/complications, which make perfect sense to me. It's precision in timekeeping with the F990 caliber is another huge plus.

Other time pieces I love are the 70s retro racer throwbacks, like the Hamilton Pan Europ and the Oris ChronOris watches.

Welcome to the crunch馃


Welcome to the crunch馃

Thank you, great to be on here :-)

Hello and welcome, Alex!

Welcome Alex, cheers mate

Welcome to WC!

Welcome. I'm with you on the Pan Europ!




Welcome. I'm with you on the Pan Europ!


Absolutely stunning!

What a unique piece! Welcome to the crunch!

Welcome to the Crunch Alex! Love that Citizen!

Welcome to the Crunch!

Welcome to WC! 馃槑

Welcome! 馃嵒

Welcome aboard. What a great looking Citizen


Welcome to the fam!